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Exclusive Northeast installer of
world-renown Tejas Borja™ tile,
US leader Ludowici Roof Tiles™,
and artisan natural Camara Slate.

Tiles are not created equal.
Understanding the differences between roof tiles is simple, but more important than you may believe. Knowing what to look for in a tile suited for the Northeast, subject to severe weathering conditions, is much different than the those used in the South. Recognizing the most experienced roof tile manufacturers, that has been business for 100 years, versus brick manufacturers that just started producing roof tiles the last decade.

The National Roofing Contractors Association specifies the Standard for clay roof tiles according to three zones, corresponding to three grades, as required by law. Grade 1 is the highest grade. It requires the tile to sustain 50 freeze and thaw cycles with no cracks. This resistance to freeze and thaw cycles is primarily driven by water absorption. Beware of non Grade 1 tiles and accessories suppliers. 

Click here to read more:  NCRA Roofing c1167 Specification

Insist on using the best manufacturers and products, with tiles that are proven to have lasted on roofs in the north for at least 80 years.

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