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Exclusive Northeast installer of
world-renown Tejas Borja™ tile,
US leader Ludowici Roof Tiles™,
and artisan natural Camara Slate.

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Mediterranean Roofing and Designs has over 30 years of experience serving the Northeast United States. Expert installers fully licensed, insured, and authorized by Tejas Borja, and Ludowici Roof Tile, and Camara Slate. Our products offer a 30-year and 75-year warranty.

Not all tile is Created Equal
We use only materials that are ASTM Certified Grade 1 (c1167-11) clay tiles. This is essential to combat the diverse Northeast weather, where the severe freeze and thaw conditions are far too harsh for other tiles, which will inevitably crack, spall, fade and discolor. Local Building Codes require by law that clay tiles must comply with the ASTM standard to provide the highest degree of resistance to severe weather, rain and frost.

To fully appreciate the wide array of styles, formats and colors available, we invite you to our showroom to view hundreds of roofing options. We can also arrange local tours and provide references from any of our 1,000 Metro-wide installations.

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(516) 605-1530